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Safer schools.
Safer children. 

Shooter attacks at schools have led to tragic loss of life. CATS   is dedicated to changing this destiny by fostering innovative security solutions and making them available to all US schools.


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Protecting lives through innovation


Our mission is to deter, mitigate, and minimize mass violence in schools through efficient and appropriate technologies, with a focus on primary and secondary schools. We will foster, support, promote, and conduct programs, projects, and activities to generate new research, knowledge, technologies, and solutions that support our mission. We intend to work across industries, agencies, and geographies to bring together the best thinkers, put in action the best solutions, and to enable and maximize these solutions’ availability to schools across the nation.

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Our Programs

OWL for Schools: Tackling the first minutes of shooter events

The U.S. has seen a rising incidence of active shooters and other threats targeting K-12 schools with horrific results. Rising to this challenge, CATS   has created the OWL for Schools program. OWL for School is an ongoing program for developing and providing technologies to help schools protect against, and respond to, active attack emergencies. Products are being specifically designed for school staff and students, and made available for large-scale deployments across K-12 schools nationwide.


OWL ECO for Schools is the first application created under this vision. Specifically designed to address the chaotic situation in schools under a live attack, it helps reduce panic and confusion. It connects everyone in the school and, using geo-location tracking, builds a situational map and sends them timely, customized instructions.

OWL ECO for Schools is built with a child- and teacher-friendly design and with an open architecture to connect to emerging security technologies, in order to force-multiply schools’ ability to protect as many lives as possible under attack.

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Raise your hand to help us impact the future of school security

To realize our vision and drive our innovative programs, we rely on foundation grants and work with an ecosystem of partners. We deploy the resources we acquire with their help for safe and supportive educational environments for all students. Join us in our mission to make schools safer places for our children to grow up in!

Our Donors

Ellen & Ronald Block
Family Foundation

The Hassenfeld Family Foundation

Nancy Blum Feinglass

Teicher Family

Charitable Fund

Our People


The CATS  board and council members bring a strong passion for protecting American schools as well as a combination of background and expertise in security, technology, non-profit, and philanthropy.


Julian Perlmutter

Board Member

High-tech capital markets attorney and volunteer for protected status for Ukrainians in the US

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Prof. Erroll Southers

Board Member

Internationally-recognized expert on counterterrorism, public safety, infrastructure protection, and homeland security

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Dr. Lisa Dolev

Inventor and high-tech entrepreneur, soft target counterterrorism technology expert

Ellen Block photo_edited_edited_edited.j

Ellen H. Block

Council Member

Philanthropist and advocate for children, health justice, and women’s rights

Founder & Director

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Jen Hansert_edited.jpg

Jennifer Hansert

Council Member 

Non-profit executive with a focus on safe, thriving communities

Tom Bush.jpg

Thomas Bush

Council Member

Retired Homeland Security Executive with over 30 years experience in national security, intelligence, and homeland defense

Get in touch with us

Please contact us at or via the form below to join us in making schools safer places for children and youth across the U.S. We’re looking to partner with grant making foundations, school security programs, technology partners, and others.

Thank you for contacting CATS2. We'll be back in touch with you soon!

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